"Find the Struggle"
"Learn the Lesson"
"Know the Purpose"

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Did you know with every struggle comes a gift? First you "Find the Struggle": "Anger, Fear, Guilt, Shame, and/or Sadness. Then you Rinse and "Learn the Lesson." With that comes your Purpose!!

Angerwork Bullet Points

        Anger turns into Passion when Procecessed
        Fear turns into Peace when Processed
        Guilt turns into Owning when Processed
        Shame turns into Self Love when Processed
        Sadness turns into Joy when Processed

        Hurt turns into Compassion + Depth when Processed  
 Anger Work requires Self Processing!

SELF PROCESSING: The Stairway to The Ultimate You!

Self: is the energy I project based on my essence, which is the result of my beliefs about my truths. Processing: is a series of steps and actions I take in order to achieve my Ultimate Self!


Self Processing is learning to recognize the difference between Judgement  and Discernment with

Understanding and Boundries. Thoughts, feelings and judgements are not necessatily the truth! 


What is the Process?

Get to the truth of who you really are - who you were before the world around you influenced your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Learn how to "check-in" with yourself and process your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors through the realms:


We all deflect, deny, beat up on ourselves (self-beat), blame, judge and/or shut down.  These actions keep you from moving forward.

When you make a mistake, you need to know how to own it and turn it into wisdom.  Every mistake has an important message.

Once your learn how to understand and own your self, you can then understand others.  But understand YOU first!

It takes skill to detect what’s true for you and what's not.  How do you achieve it? By practicing how to NOT judge, NOT condemn, NOT punish - yourself or anyone else.

Do you know the difference between judging and discernment?

You have the power to evolve and change everything about your life.  Do you want to judge or understand and own?

Three Levels of Self-Worth

There are three levels of self-worth that we experience on any given day.
  • LOW EGO. In our worst moments, we are in a state of low ego.  We are in great pain.  Our inner strength is suppressed and we feel powerless.
  • HIGH EGO. We believe we are powerful - oftern referred to as the god or false-god complex.  We get there by dominating our Low Ego.  We convince some people of our superiority, but deep inside even we don’t believe we’re really powerful.
  • Centered. This state is simply "what is".  Living in this state is what really empowers us.  It allows us to be who we are.  We get to this place by looking at our judgements, anger, fear, guilt and shame – making them visible so we can learn from them and own them allowing us to discern, not judge.


"Finally Someone is doing their Rinsing, Writing and Self-Processing!!"

   Come into your Owning!
  • Admit the truth to YOURSELF
  • Understand why it happened
  • De-personalize the situation
  • Empathize with how you and other people are affected.
  • Prevent and Act Differently
  • Celebrate the learning and growth!!!!!!!!!!!!


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