Rave Sheet

Over the past 20 years, has received hundreds of letters full of gratitude and praise from satisfied clients. Here is a small selection of them:

  • I learned to theorize about communication and interaction with people, which is important, but it did not make me any more satisfied in my own life. I found myself spinning my wheels, in my mind, but with no resolution or change in behavior. The Invisible Warfare workbook taught me to process my thoughts and feelings not only mentally but subconsciously and emotionally which has led to more peace, confidence and joy in my life, resulting in changes in my perceptions, allowing me to be empowered in any situation.
    - Rebecca Heino Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Management, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

  • At Therapy school I was taught lots of theory and technique. Mona and her prgram, taught me the productive application of my education. If you are ready to start a journey into yourself, Invisible Warfare is the guide and teacher.
    - Susan Washington, MFT

  • My experiences at college and at Harvard Business School taught me valuable lessons about how the external business world works. But I never took time to figure out how my internal world worksñor doesn't. A series of losses in my life forced me to ask why, no matter how successful my life seemed, I couldn't find peace. Invisible Warfare has become an owner's guide for my mental and emotional life. Its techniques for processing have helped give me the clarity to realize what's going on, both with me and with others. I've now realized that my external life will always be a mirror of what's going on inside me.
    - Scott VilaVice President, A&E Cable Network

  • Mona's program outline in Invisible Warfare taught my family how to communicate with each other and check in with ourselves to find our truths. the tools she developed took us through the pain to the other side, where we now have infinitely healthier relationships and are closer than we have ever been.
    - Mikaela DunitzCollege Student

  • All the words in the world can't express what my work with Mona Miller and her book Invisible Warfare has meant to me and my job. I am an elementary school teacher who deals with colleagues, parents, and students on a daily basis. What I have learned is that communication is the key to an appropriate response. Before learning and understanding this program, I was defensive and shy and every criticism and correction would break me down into tears. I would start hating myself to the extreme and tell myself over and over again that I was a horrible teacher. Through this program, I learned not to personalize other people's reactions. I have to own my side and take responsibility for the situations that arise at work. Then forgive myself and celebrate. Mona's teachings made me realize how special my gifts are. I am really fortunate because I get to teach my students the foundation of Invisible Warfare and it's priciples without them even knowing it. My prayer is for them to be able to process through their thoughts and emotions in healthy ways without going to self-abusive behaviors. I would this program to everyone. Others may give answers but Invisible Warfare gives you methods on how to help yourself on a daily basis. Thank you, Mona for the tools and wisdom to live an emotionally healthy and full life!
    - Julie MooreElementary School Teacher

  • Going through the exercises in the Invisible Warfare workbook unveiled more to me than I had originally cared to see. There is more truth and reality here than in any therapist, self-help book or best friend on a sunny day. I now have great explanations for all the thoughts that had dug holes in my life. I now have to tools to become whom I was meant to be. I am experiencing life instead of continually judging it.
    - James HayoshRestaurateur

  • I never understood the strength and power of wisdom. I have used these tools to rebuild my entire belief system and behavior. It has been a miracle. I can see and find truth, set boundaries and affect others, all while being understanding and loving! What a difference!
    - Darryl DunnGeneral Manager, The Rose Bowl

  • Finally, one book that encompasses it all! I am forever changed, and I wish this remarkable book had been released 10 years earlier. It heightened my career, family connection and all other personal relationships. Thank You!
    - Brett WeitzTV Station Creative Affairs Vice President

  • I am a different person from when I started this program. I have been affected in ways I never could imagine. This is what "inspired" means. I was insipid and void of any emotional vivacity. I never knew there was such a thing as self-communication and how much that has changed the scope of my life. The tools in Mona's book,Invisible Warfare, made it possible.
    - Angele CadeCEO - Executive on the Go

  • Mona Miller was a brilliant and articulate guide who used her considerable energy, good humor and penetrating insight to support and educate her clients. She taught that by living fearlessly in radical honesty, and honoring the depth of our experience, we can live an empowered life of truth and love in all moments. I am so grateful for the guidance I've received from Mona. She was committed to living in truth! She shared, so generously, her discoveries which has informed, enriched, and inspired my own journey. I am blessed to have known her as a teacher, mentor and soul sister on this path. She will be forever missed but her legacy and program will live on forever!
    - Seane CornYoga Teacher

  • Mona and the tools in her program help me deal with all the craziness in my life and I can't wait to continue a more fulfilled path of life. Let's face it, we're all a bit messed up. Instead of sitting back and complaining about how horrible your life is, Mona's program helps you deal with your anger and sadness and not personalize all the craziness that everyone in our life throws at us. This is all a work in progress, but having Mona's book Invisible Warfare makes me look forward to my life.
    - Lili MoshfeshAccount Executive - Fremont Investment and Loan

  • Mona and her book, Invisible Warfare were a slap in the face wake-up call I needed to get my life and attitude in order. It affected me in every way. The impact on my work was huge. My interpersonal skills with co-workers and especially the criminal element on a day to day basis has dramatically improved internally and externally to the point I can verbalize and create in ways I never dreamed. These new ideas have helped considerably cut back on the need to use force and violence. Because I am a less judgmental person, I can talk people through things and see outside the box. My marriage and home life have improved considerably as well. I know how to reduce conflicts and stress.
    - KathyMilitary Veteran and Law Enforcement Officer

  • Mona Miller, author of Invisible Warfare book and workbook takes you step by step on a journey of self discovery through all of the realms: spiritual, financial, emotional, etc. She uses her life experience, her humor, her dynamic personality, and her brilliant, beautiful words to help enlighten her readers on how to break down barriers to true, intimate communication and how to discover, embrace, and celebrate your true self. It is consistent with the philosophies of The Secret. The difference is that it takes you through a process to get you to a place to be able to use the Secret. The book comes with a manual that teaches how to journal and can be a separate entity. She has also recorded a music CD of original songs that chronicle her life and parallel the steps of her book.
    - Jackie ButtsHigh School Teacher

  • I have always been happy and positive and did my best to never "rock the boat". I had no idea what "healthy boundaries" were, and I surely did not understand why I chose very inappropriate men for relationships. It was a mystery to me why such a "nice" person, such as myself, could not love or receive love, in an intimate relationship. I loved my family and friends unconditionally, yet could not communicate my true heart with them or with an intimate partner.

    Then, in a desperate attempt to stay married, while in what I later discovered was a highly abusive relationship, I found myself spiraling down into depression and could not climb out. Fortunately, I found Mona Miller and began a journey of self-discovery that literally saved my life.

    I am grateful to Mona for her insight and the tools and guidance of Invisible Warfare. I shall continue this work as I grow and become more than I ever knew I could be.
    - Grace CaudillVice President - Specialty Financial

  • Using the tools that I have gained from Invisible Warfare has allowed me to better understand myself and to feel more at peace in my life. This has been invaluable to my career and life process.
    - Eric Sternlicht, CHTAssistant Professor at Occidential College
    President of of Simply Fit, Inc.

  • As a prison psychologist working with maximum-security offenders, I have found Invisible Warfare's knowledge and teachings invaluable.
    - Dr. Seth C. KadishPrison Clinical Director

  • I learned how to do anger work and process my conflicted feelings through to resolution and learned about turning judgment into acceptance of myself and others. I went from being an angry person to eventually becoming the Director of Human Resources for a 300+ employee industry-leading firm. This program can make a willing leopard change its spots. I know because I was that leopard.
    - Connie SawyerDirector Human Resources - American Storage Management

  • Mona has always said, 'a miracle is a change in perception,' and I have had many miracles, thanks to the techniques in her workbook. Without these tools, I would not have been able to write my book, find love, or be able to understand myself more and judge myself less.
    - Christine HasslerAuthor