Mona Marie Miller
July 13, 1961 - July 25, 2011

Home is where you know what True Energy is - from the inside out.

It is one thing to motivate, stimulate or even encourage yourself or others, but it is even more stimulating when you can touch the inner depths of one's mind, heart, body and soul. The beliefs and techniques you'll find here go to the core of confusion by asking: Who am I? What is 'it'? Why is 'it'? And what do I want to do about 'it'?

The ability to "see" yourself and others without judgment, and still discern with boundaries while understanding your core issues and transcending emotional barriers is the key to self awareness and self processing. If you have upsetting decisions to make or you keep repeating old patterns you need self skill, which is ultimately the key to self love.  



  • Understanding the left brain for the IQ (Intellectual Quotient) and learn to set boundaries.
  • Understanding and rinsing the right brain for the EQ (Emotional Quotient) to clear the way for processing feelings and opening up for creativity and truly having and allowing intuition to evolve.

Executive Life Coaching

  • Executive & Life Coaching techniques for depth & integrity with a new unbelievable vocabulary.


  • Our books and workbooks are full of tools and techniques for individuals, spouses, family, friends, men's and women's groups and 12 Step programs as well.
  • Mona's original music will take you through her stories and her life. This music is for children & adults in a variety of different musical styles.
  • The Radio Programs are unique, open minded and full of thought provoking and educational infomation.  
  • Non-Profit 
  • We always want to give back. We are working on a self-processing curriculum for children along with a teacher/parent manual. This curriculum will  teach techniques to develop self awareness and self processing for growth all aspects of our lives.

    "Belief is stronger than truth,
                       unless you believe in the truth!"

- Monaisms©