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Is Plastic Surgery that Fashionable?

Heide Montag

Heidi Montag
who is just twenty three years old and not physically impaired or deformed has been all over the news lately because of her obsession with plastic surgery. She has had so many surgeries recently that her doctor has declared enough is enough and will no longer operate on her.

Allegedly, her quest for outward perfection will take her overseas where she will find a doctor that will indulge her. Her husband feels powerless and has said in interviews that it’s her body and she’ll do whatever she wants.

So what is really going on?
Why do we have plastic surgery?

What is okay?
And when is it too much?

When are cosmetic enhancements unhealthy?
Why are you having beauty procedures?
Are you chasing youth?
Are the judgments of society feeding your choices of too much cosmetic work?

I think that if we do not go to the understanding of why then thoughts, feelings, and behaviors will just repeat. We are here to learn from each other, not hurt and judge each other.

Before you go in for cosmetic surgery please go talk to a counselor first. Make sure you are in balance. Do you know how dangerous a self beat is or a lack of self like or self love?

Check-in with yourself and see how many times you call someone else or yourself fat, big nose, bad skin, crater face, thunder thighs, bushy eyebrow Muppet, etc.

How many times do you gossip about how old or bad someone else looks?
How many times do you look in the mirror and talk in a self deprecating way on who you are and how you look?

How much do you judge others who choose to do a bit of a healthy cosmetic procedure…and why, if they are not hurting themselves or you?

Guess what? Judgment hurts and words can hurt our spirit and inner child. It affects our self talk and belief systems.

So we agree, too much plastic surgery is an addiction. You are going overboard — remember addiction means you are over compensating for some pressurized and murderous self judgment or a way to enhance positive situations or feelings. Living in a comparison judger of best or worst, number 1 or loser, fat or insignificant etc will cause many disorders and impulsive reactions.

We say kids can be so mean to each other. Hey, try a mean kid/adult. I personally have been killed on my looks, clothes, how I decorate my house because I’m a bit artistic, and even my big personality, vocabulary, singing voice, etc. did any of these qualities above personally hurt anyone?
If not, why are they judging me? Ouch, ouch, ouch!
These kinds of judgments make you want to quit, run and hide doesn’t it?!

So as we are learning to calm down the judger/self beat inside and filter the judgment coming in from the outside…I ask…is there a healthy balance in beauty health care?
Hey check out other dangerous words like…”too.” “Too” big or “too” small

“Not enough”

“Perfect” etc.

These are helpless/hopeless words, thoughts, and beliefs. These beliefs can throw you right out of balance and into an addictive mind set of “I want what I want and I want it now, regardless of the consequences” or a depression. A depression is a suppression of thoughts, feelings, or a true self.

This is why we use the Realms to check-in and not desires. Desires are not just feelings. Desires are feelings combined with want and want is a dangerous word, when out of balance.

1. Spiritual - truth, love, creation.
Love the truth (whether you like the truth or not) and create from that.
2. Mental
3. Emotional
4. Physical
5. Sexual
6. Financial

So…….Are we in-order or are we out of order thereby creating a Dis-order?

In the case with Heidi, the physical realm is not #4, it is #1.

So her self love & truth are thrown out the window. If the physical realm is too high your body is now in place of God’s spot or your Higher Power and all your worth and value that belongs to your soul, heart and mind are gone and into the “Body.”

Now, your looks and body are your worth and value.

Your self talk is putting you down inside and / or outside your mind.

You are probably projecting your negative thoughts and feelings onto everyone else and acting as if it is true without anyone saying a word. So now the world is out to get you with your own beliefs.

You left truth and paranoia is setting in.

You are living in a mean degrading state of mind which starts to take its toll on your mental realm.

The addictive mind enters to help you feel better, or higher than natural, so it thinks it’s a good guy, but operating with your beliefs, not operating with the truth of your essence.

Enter the obsessions. You’re negative and fearful; your thoughts and feelings are now spinning and not being processed. In your mind the addict pops up and says I am here to save the day with a good feeling – In Heidi’s case that good feeling is continuing to go under the knife – more surgery!

And in the case of others you have to ask yourself; does your cosmetic procedure make you look more rested or are you body altering when you were not deformed. Careful!

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) or Obsession of the Body is real and serious.
I agree, on this particular radio show Nurse Jamie and I demonstrate what touch ups and enhancements are safe and how to be in balance. She even has the audacity to tell me “NO” to a procedure! The nerve – LOL