" Dear Miss Mona " (This is the Dear Abbey portion of the website)

O.M.G. Mona finally gets a taste of some medicine. Mona goes Under!

Well here you go. Here comes some personal stuff. One of the reasons I wanted to do “The Doctors” is to share the struggle and hope of some new breakthroughs. Whenever we share with one and they share with one, it quickly becomes 10,000.

One of the most important points I wanted to show, that the program didn’t have time for, is the difference between a generic knee and a gender specific knee. My right knee is a generic knee, whom I call Beverly (for Beverly Hills). The knee you are watching is a gender specific, whom I call Zimmerman (after the company who made it.) There is a difference in these knees. If you find yourself needing a knee replacement gender specific is key. Also, a draining tube helps a lot. 140 degrees bend is the goal. Please tell your physical therapist to shoot for that range regardless of your age.

The next piece is to check your mental attitude. Make your room, nurses and doctors your new BFF’s. I used humor and play a lot! I also had to be a good receiver of love and attention and I must admit, presents too!

I played music and sang and yes, I even sang with my doctors and then hit their arms lovingly when they would inflict pain in the hospital and at home. Yes, this too, became fun. “Hospital fun” we shall call it.

I cried. I released hurt, pain and frustration with people who knew how to understand. Then I would get back up and push again. The pain doesn’t last forever even though it feels like it. I ate healthy and after surgery I cleansed with a colon and organ cleanser. My choice was Oxy Powder (www.oxypowder.com – no constipation allowed!) I take L-Glutamine, a probiotic, and my regular regimen of Natural Shakes, non dairy.

Please take care of you, be nice to you, we all have a little child within us. Let him or her have this time then bring in your adult energy that says, “do what you have to do.” You gotta do both. There is good pain and bad pain. Good pain is healing pain and bad pain is damaging pain. Learn the difference and Go for It!

I’m right there with you in spirit with the soundtrack from Rocky playing in the background.

Good luck and Hugs