" Dear Miss Mona " (This is the Dear Abbey portion of the website)

Mom in (new) Mexico
My daughter is converting to a religion that I consider a cult. What do I do?

Cult means "group".  If it is lead in a way that creates a loss of self or individuality then fear and control have entered the "group".  To try to counter control or create a reverse fear, you will only create barriers, walls and war!


If you share yourself with your daughter about how you get "lost", controlled and hurt by letting others lead you, even in different situations, it takes the defensiveness out of it and keeps the door open for her to come to you anytime.


Ask her brilliant questions with no desire for truth or even for her to respond.  The question creates a picture in her mind and lets her stew in it.  This is called "seed planting". 


If she is over 18, you cannot yank her.  If she is in danger, set up an intervention with the law or professional interventionists.


Please let me know if you need more help and how this goes!!


Hugs always,

Miss Mona