" Dear Miss Mona " (This is the Dear Abbey portion of the website)…

Whenever my adult children visit from out of state and get ready to leave, I feel abandoned and afraid I will never see them again. What do you recommend?

Let me ask you some questions…

1. Who do your children belong to?

a) Themselves

b) God

c) Others (Family, Partners, Friends)

d) Their Job

2. Do you trust them?

3. Are you connected to them while they are away? If so, how? If not, why?

4. If you feel abandoned then you might be in your OWN inner child abandonment issue?

5. Can you look back in your past and see how many times you felt abandoned?

6. Do you havea full life that you love? If not, let’s build that up.

7. As for never seeing them again…Have you ever lost someone close to you? Did you grieve your loss if there was one?

8. Are you living in the future? The future is out of “control” and where fear lives. Can you stay present by cleaning the past (Ch 10 & 11 in Invisible Warfare) and loving and liking you. Maybe a book would help? (I highly recommend the Power of Now).

Please let me know if this makes sense to you. Holding on to children usually represents a lack of self love, past issues, and no faith or trust in the child for whatever reason.

“Check In” and Let me Know!


Miss Mona


PS I know letting go is hard…I’m a parent too! J