" Dear Miss Mona " (This is the Dear Abbey portion of the website)

My husband is angry a lot and denies it and it makes me angry and depressed? What do I do?

You cannot change others, only yourself.  Many people feel feelings and emote them with tones and vibes or body language and don't know it. 


He needs to do Angerwork and a time travel experience.  Chapter 10 & 11 in Invisible Warfare


Supressed anger often comes from the past and even childhood.  Time travels are writings of anger or upsets.  You cannot heal what you cannot see so making it visible is important. 


You too must do the same thing.  Depressed means you are suppressed and not pro-active.   Please look at our anger info and put boundaries on yourself like going for a walk or ride.  If he's rough or angry, take a time out.


Suggest a therapist who understands human behavior and passive agressive behavior and who is pro-active with ideas and homework.


Both of you read my book and do the exercises in the book and share them with each other. 


Own when you are angry and talk about it with him so he sees what it looks like through you. 


Those are steps, OK?