" Dear Miss Mona " (This is the Dear Abbey portion of the website)

Funny in Franklin Hills
Dear Miss Mona, You said humor can be a weapon... What does that mean?

Dear Funny-


I said that humor can be a weapon because "Funny" has no vulnerability or self beat/shame in it.  If you or others are angry, scared, guilty, or ashamed and you communicate humor it can have "digs" (pain) in it.  Make sure you check in with yourself.


You need to be in a self-like/self-love position before you use humor.  Understand if that you or someone else is self-beating, hurting, depressed or angry they may need compassion, understanding, owning or relating by sharing your similarities or asking questions with openess and empathy.


Humor needs to be safe, mutual and respectful.  And of course, quick, visual, catchy and connecting, engaging.


Play Ball Responsibly!